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Veterans Day 2017

The 8th grade Highlanders at McCullough Jr. High presented their Veterans Day appreciation projects this week at the

Thought for the day: Gratitude

I saw this lovely sign today…that’s the right idea! Gratitude    

Camera Review [Sony RX100 V]

A couple of people have asked about the new Sony RX100 V camera that I just bought so I thought I would give an update.

Something Santa may have forgotten

Just in case your stocking wasn’t stuffed quite enough, I saw this cool little gadget that might help you bring

Pretty Posh Parteas

Are you ready to Partea? No, that’s not a typo—but rather, an enchanting new business that just hung

Western cutie

My daughter recently had to create a portrait for her art class depicting a Western theme. She immediately decided she

You didn’t know you needed it, until now: The Varidesk

So, sadly to say I developed quite a bit of a condition last year. I spent more than my normal amount of time sitting

Freakshakes — sometimes not knowing is better for your health

What the Freak? I ran across some articles on these crazy creations that are making everyone across the pond quite

Cheers to the “Drinking Jacket”

How does my husband not have one of these already? I say “Cheers” to the creators of this fun hoodie! It

Flashback Friday: The Force returns

Our family has always been a Star Wars family. We don’t go to conventions or anything but we always really liked

January Birthdays

I’m sure some of you find yourselves in the same boat as me with loved ones or friends with January birthdays.

Wanderlust: Halong Bay, Vietnam

When we knew that we were going to Vietnam we decided that one of the absolute musts was a cruise in Halong Bay. The

Wanderlust: Salzburg, Austria

After a few days in Venice enjoying its maze of passageways and diverse islands, we headed north toward greener

Wanderlust: Venice 2015

I would say of all the places I revisited this summer, Venice was the unexpected gem. My last visit was during the

Wanderlust: Tuscany 2015

And the circus kept rolling along…so after our fill of all things Roman and ancient, we traveled north by train