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Christmas day on Kauai

Christmas day found us up early for another sunrise. This time we headed to Kilaeua Lighthouse. Unfortunately,  the

Tubing Adventure in Kauai

The adventures in Kauai started off with a tubing excursion with Kauai Backcountry Adventures. They are based out of

Kauai for the holidays…

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this year and decided to take a big trip to mark the

Wanderlust: Halong Bay, Vietnam

When we knew that we were going to Vietnam we decided that one of the absolute musts was a cruise in Halong Bay. The

Wanderlust: Salzburg, Austria

After a few days in Venice enjoying its maze of passageways and diverse islands, we headed north toward greener

Wanderlust: Venice 2015

I would say of all the places I revisited this summer, Venice was the unexpected gem. My last visit was during the

Wanderlust: Tuscany 2015

And the circus kept rolling along…so after our fill of all things Roman and ancient, we traveled north by train

Wanderlust: Rome 2015

We had a very special summer. It had been a long time in the works but it finally happened. What started off as a week

Montserrat Monastery

Time to share a little Throwback Thursday image. I was going through pictures from 2002, and yes, it was a bit scary.

NYC weekend away

We were 7 moms on a long weekend getaway and we made the most of our time in NYC. Much of it was spent around