• I love capturing that moment.
    That moment when fleeting light attaches itself to an object in a magical way.
    That moment when surprise turns to tears or smiles turn to laughter.
    That moment when you feel you have the world in the palm of your hand.
    That moment when you realize you don’t.
    That moment when you delight in your youthful
    spirit no matter what age you are.

  • It might be a moment I’ve intently planned and
    choreographed or one that I stumble upon as it
    unfolds in front of me. It can be when I am surrounded
    by a world of people or when I am alone with my
    thoughts and wandering camera in hand. I love seeing
    those moments through my lens and hearing the shutter click.

    In that moment I know I have captured something wonderful.


It’s funny how small the world is. I remember getting a new client call when I was in LA on a family trip and after speaking with Lindsie for a bit and discussing her portrait session, we come to find out that her parents live in the same neighborhood that I do! Serendipity! Lindsie is (as of yesterday, I believe) a new Stephen F. Austin University graduate. She and her mom met with me here in The Woodlands to capture some portraits of Lindsie to commemorate this special time in her life. We had a great time travelling around and were lucky that the foliage worked in our favor:) I hate when I plan a location for it’s wild natural beauty and then The Woodlands maintenance crews come through and clear cut it all down to nothing. That didn’t happen to us this time though (whew!), especially since that location was one of Lindsie’s favorites.

Her portraits turned out amazing and I’m really happy she has them as wonderful momentos of her big accomplishment! Congratulations Lindsie!

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That line still makes me smile even after all these years. Anyway, it seemed appropriate for my initial foray into the blogging world. I really have no idea how to blog but I’m sure I’ll find “my voice” as they say and hopefully you’ll be entertained in the process. 

I have one quick thing to share which is this adorable little camera logo that I just had customized with my double S symbol. I can’t wait to use it in my marketing pieces. 

Be sure to check back to see how this whole thing evolves!

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