• I love capturing that moment.
    That moment when fleeting light attaches itself to an object in a magical way.
    That moment when surprise turns to tears or smiles turn to laughter.
    That moment when you feel you have the world in the palm of your hand.
    That moment when you realize you don’t.
    That moment when you delight in your youthful
    spirit no matter what age you are.

  • It might be a moment I’ve intently planned and
    choreographed or one that I stumble upon as it
    unfolds in front of me. It can be when I am surrounded
    by a world of people or when I am alone with my
    thoughts and wandering camera in hand. I love seeing
    those moments through my lens and hearing the shutter click.

    In that moment I know I have captured something wonderful.


I am getting a well needed dose of sweet 2 year olds these days. I met Gracie and her parents on a sunny Saturday morning at one of her favorite spots. I was told that Gracie loves to come and run around near the pond so I thought it was the perfect spot to capture her smiles. And yes, she does love to RUN around the pond. I quickly realized that I needed to change my 50mm lens to my 70-200mm so that I didn’t have to keep up with her! She was a great sport whenever we tried to have her stop and check something out but she certainly had on her explorer’s cap. It was a lovely morning and Miss Gracie looked cute as a button in her navy blue dress. She had a really sweet way about running far ahead and then stopping to look back. It looks like a model pose but she did it all herself. The bow, the blond hair, the blue eyes and all that pretty greenery added up to some beautiful portraits.


Gracie-Blog-7PIN IMAGE

Gracie-Blog-8PIN IMAGE Gracie-Blog-5PIN IMAGE Gracie-Blog-3PIN IMAGE Gracie-Blog-1PIN IMAGE Gracie Blog 2PIN IMAGE



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Back to school time doesn’t always mean empty houses for everyone. While the elementary and higher schools start back, there are plenty of little preschoolers still home ruling the roost before their schools begin session. It’s always great to take advantage of these quiet hours and capture some “Mommy and Me” moments or some “All about Me” time. I had the pleasure of spending a sunny morning with little Morgan while she and mom adjusted to the new routine with the boys out of the house. Morgan sure had a lot to say and gave me a little tour around the neighborhood showing me her favorite spots. Then we headed back to the house for some snacks and Dora the Explorer. A perfect way to spend a morning!


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Long story short…yes, my prices have increased but so have all the included goodies;) Keep reading to get the full scoop.

If you’ve looked around for a photographer recently I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are a hundred different ways we seem to present our pricing. Some photographers have session fees with additional print or digital file costs, some have packages that include the session fee plus prints, some have minimum purchase requirements before you even have the option to purchase digital files, some tell you up front that you should plan on spending xxxx amount. It can be dizzying. Artistic quality aside, how can you compare one from another? Is there a perfect pricing model? 

I’ve given this a lot of thought for some time now and I think it comes down to this–we all try to structure our businesses to best serve our particular clients and attract new clientele. Some photographers may just be taking a guess with their pricing, but I think most of us are sincerely trying to give you what you want while making sure we keep ourselves in business. I always love your feedback and suggestions and really take them to heart.  I want my clients to love the work I do for them and come back to me again and again to capture all their precious moments.

What I have heard from you and seen while reviewing the purchases from my past sessions is that all my clients want digital images. The majority also seem to purchase the same kinds of prints for their home or to give as gifts. 

Therefore, I have decided to restructure my Creative Fees to make things more simple and include the products important to you. Yes, this means that you will see my prices have increased for each type of session, but each Creative Fee will now include digital files of all the final images as well as some select print options. For most clients this will meet your needs and you will know exactly what you will be spending. I will still have lots of print and artwork options available to be purchased in an a la carte fashion for those clients who desire a bit more. And of course, I will continue to use only the best professional printing labs to create your print and artwork. 

It’s important to me that the portraits that we have captured together are part of your family history. They should be gracing your walls and available to you (digitally) for posterity. You’ll need them in the future when you reach that next milestone so you can look back in albums, gaze at artwork or watch slideshows to see how far you’ve come!

My website has all the new details for each type of session. check it out here

Below you will see some examples of the print and album options you will be able to choose from (session dependent). Product images courtesy of Millers Lab. 


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I recently photographed McKenzie, one of my 2013 Woodlands High Senior Model Reps, at a mini-session and loved how she added one bright accessory to her outfit. I always suggest this to clients and it really makes a difference. It can direct the eye, bring a touch of whimsy, create visual texture or throw in a bit of drama. McKenzie and her black and white polka dot dress photographed beautifully but when she added that red belt–WOW! She also had her toenails painted to match which pulls the look together even more. 

I’ve seen people add pops of color wonderfully in many different ways: lipstick, nail polish, shoes, hats, scarves, belts, barrettes, jewelry. Just make sure to choose a way that suits your personality and you are confident wearing. It’s a great way to highlight that body part you love about yourself or simply to show off your signature style.   

You can see more examples of how people are adding pops of color on my Pinterest “What to Wear” pages. 



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Ok, so I will be the first to admit that I was a serious slacker over the summer with my blog. Summertime for our family is busy like everyone else’s, but ours also brings lots of travel and time away from home. A perfect excuse to not touch a blog:( 

Since we moved to Texas we’ve spent our summer breaks chilling in the pool (or trying to), exploring the wilds of Texas and having the kids enjoy local camps.  But we also use the time to head north to see family and friends. It’s been our ritual to pack up the Armada and take off for a month or so. Our time up north usually brings cooler temps (yeah!) and lots of activities. Both of my parents are the oldest of 6 children so we do not lack for cousins or reasons to have parties. For many years now it seems that we’ve been having a wedding (or two!) for one of my 23 younger cousins. These have been happily followed by new babies to join the clan. I think we are up to 21 first cousins-once-removed with 2 more on the way. Our family calendars of birthdays and anniversaries don’t have many free days. I write all this because this summer was no different. We celebrated Caitlin and Drew’s beautiful wedding in July, marked two 40th birthdays and a couple more for the wee ones, said goodbye to our sweet pooch Birdy, relaxed for a week on the lake, day-tripped around OH and IN, and most importantly welcomed 4 new cousins to the family.

I’m very happy to announce that after a great deal of work and patience, my sister and her husband have completed their family. They brought 4 wonderful children into their lives through the Foster to Adoption process in July. It seemed fitting that the kids came to their new home on July 4th, Independence Day. It was certainly a whirlwind to prepare for them and get them settled. Imagine going from 0 children to 4 children overnight! It brings four times the laughter, four times the tears, four times the clutter, four times the fears, four times the smiles, four times the worry, four times the food and four times the toilet paper! My kids are thrilled to have new cousins and the summer provided plenty of opportunities to get together to play. The new Zeigler kiddos settled in with a few bumps along the way, but they were such a good reminder to us about the important things in life. If you are lucky to have a family and a home and the basic necessities, you are definitely blessed. Like any family, we strive to buy the “newest and best” things, but we already have an abundance of what we need.  

I always think that pictures express so much more than words so here are some of the moments we captured this summer. 

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