• I love capturing that moment.
    That moment when fleeting light attaches itself to an object in a magical way.
    That moment when surprise turns to tears or smiles turn to laughter.
    That moment when you feel you have the world in the palm of your hand.
    That moment when you realize you don’t.
    That moment when you delight in your youthful
    spirit no matter what age you are.

  • It might be a moment I’ve intently planned and
    choreographed or one that I stumble upon as it
    unfolds in front of me. It can be when I am surrounded
    by a world of people or when I am alone with my
    thoughts and wandering camera in hand. I love seeing
    those moments through my lens and hearing the shutter click.

    In that moment I know I have captured something wonderful.


I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful local business. Trena Hallback, owner of More Than Enough Apothecary, hired me to shoot her products for her new website. Trena was streamlining her business and rebranding her products. She also needed headshots and business images for her marketing pieces and content images for her blog. It was a really fun project creating so many types of images. We were in the studio, in Trena’s home office and also in the kitchen to capture all aspects of her business.

Trena is a really warm, friendly and positive woman and we hit it off right away. She hails from Alaska but like so many of us, has made her home here in Texas. A big part of her life and business revolves around her positivity. She believes in the power of affirmations and they are a big part of her business. She uses them in her product packaging and you can find them all around her website and blog. They definitely add a little sunshine to your day! As for her products themselves, I can attest to them being awesome! My absolute favorites are her body scrubs and body butter. I keep the scrub in my shower at all times and it leaves you totally smooth and moisturized. The body butter permanently resides next to my sink and is used everyday! It also helps seal in moisture and leaves your skin glowing. My hands are moisturized for hours! Her products have really nice light scents–clean and not overwhelming. I sometimes use the body butter like a sold perfume and dab it on my wrists and behind my ears in the afternoon for a pick-me-up. It’s great!

You can read more about Trena and her amazing products by visiting her website, More Than Enough Apothecary .  She’s got it going on with social media, so you can find her links to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook on her website.


More Than EnoughPIN IMAGE



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I love when I get to spend the day helping a business capture images for their website. I love it even more when it’s a car company and I get to spend the day checking out awesome rides. The staff at ZT Motors were so much fun to work with. I’ll update again once we have their project complete. If you are in the market for a pre-owned car, this is the place to visit!

I know my dad would love the color of this Corvette!





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Who doesn’t love friends, jewelry, and bubbly? It’s a fabulous combination and Katrina Kirkendall of All Cre8ive has perfected it! She showcased her latest designs at her fall Rare Gems and Jewels Open House. Lots of pretty new pieces were on display to help us transition our bright summer wardrobe accessories to lovely designs in deeper fall hues. It was great fun to catch up with friends and find some new jewelry favorites, all while enjoying a bit of sunshine and bubbly.

If you have already met Katrina, then you already love her. That’s her in that jaunty mulberry romper below. She’s full of sass and a total sweetheart and you will end up cursing her for making it so hard to decide what to buy. Katrina makes all of the jewelry herself and spends a lot of time each season coming up with new designs to launch. Every one of her shows has new and unique pieces created with beautiful materials sourced from all over the world.

If you missed Katrina’s open house, don’t worry, she has a full schedule of fall events where you can catch up with her. Follow her on Instagram, @allcre8ive, and you can put your dibs in on new designs. You can also see more of her work on her Etsy site, www.allcre8ive.etsy.com or keep up with her via her Facebook business page, www.facebook.com/Allcre8ive. 

allcrea8ivePIN IMAGE




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We all need a good head shot for our social media profiles. For professionals, it should be something with a clean background and good lighting to fit in that little round or square box on our pages. Sometimes, however you may want a more artistic head shot. One that is used for personal marketing that isn’t a tiny thumbnail and portrays a little more warmth, character and personality. The lighting, backdrop, pose, or subtle change in smile can make a big difference in how you are perceived. These days my clients need portraits for websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram…the list goes on and grows by the day. I always try to make sure that my clients walk away with different types of head shots so they have options for all of their media and promotion needs.

mitch-good-010e2webPIN IMAGE

mitch-good-047e2webPIN IMAGE

mitch-good-124e2webPIN IMAGE

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