Videography services are customized for each client and project. Projects range from full production services that include concept development, script editing, location scouting, production, and final editing to basic production that involves video capture and relay of compiled files. Of course, every project is unique and so falls somewhere in the spectrum with different needs. I use professional level equipment for both production and editing so you can be confident of the quality of your final product.


  • Canon 5 D cameras (three available to allow for multi-angle capture simultaneously)
  • Canon lenses (17-40 mm, 24-70 mm, 24-104 mm, 50 mm, 70-200 mm)
  • Lavalier and directional microphones
  • Teleprompter
  • Prop lighting
  • Monitors for on-site playback review
  • Final Cut Pro software



An example of a videography client that included full video production services. I worked closely with the client to realize their concept and objectives.


Some clients are interested in building a video library for their YouTube channel or website. Many times these videos are created to provide current updates about their business or industry, however;  some clients use them to answer frequently asked questions. Links to specific videos or a video channel can be quickly sent to their customers to view which ultimately saves my clients’ time. And time = money.


At times I capture film during specialty photography sessions. For this project, I collaborated with another photographer to shoot video during her underwater session.